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The Foxglove Speakeasy is an LGBTQ+ friendly venue owned and primarily run by N'ikola.

N'ikola offers a variety of services at the Foxglove, but their priority is as a bartender. Their primary aim is to make guests comfortable whether its with a drink, meal, or fun company for the evening. When not bartending they are typically mingling with guests or resting.

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N’ikola is a practiced dancer, both in battle occupation and on the stage.

They are skilled in Ballet, along with considerably exotic and heavily skilled performance arts such as silk, hoop, and pole dancing. N'iko upkept these arts as they found them rather useful in keeping working strength, dexterity, grace, and coordination. Though they're rather fond of showing off in this field of expertise~



N'ik likes sitting in laps! Want a cuddle companion?

SFW Services: 200k p/30m

NSFW Services: 500k p/30m

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